Concept Plan is now called 'Long Term Plan'

24 July 2021

COVID-19 Relief Measures (Extension of Delivery Date of Possession)

01 Jul 2021

MinLaw to curb number of owners a proxy can represent at meetings on enbloc sales

30 Sep 2020

Restriction on Re-Issue of OTP for the Same Unit to Same Purchaser(s)

28 Sep 2020

Pre-approved Amendments to the OTP and S&P for Electronic Payment

13 April 2020

Gazette of Master Plan 2019

27 Nov 2019

Guidelines for Outdoor Event Signage in Central Area

2 Sept 2019

New Development Control Handbooks 

5 July 2019

New CPF and HDB Loan Policies

10 May 2019

Revision to the Guidelines on Maximum Allowable Dwelling Units in Non-Landed Residential Development outside the Central Area

17 Oct 2018

Raising ABSD and Tightening LTV to promote a stable and sustainable property market

5 July 2018

Revision of Housing Developer's Licence Fees

1 Nov 2017

Provision of Information on Quality of Past Projects to Home Buyers

19 Sept 2017

Amendments to Planning Act (Cap. 232) - Duties of Developers/Property Owners and Qualified Persons

16 May 2017

Clarification of process to change names in the OTP

15 May 2017

Planning Authorisation for Proposed Developments on State Land Rented Out by SLA, JTC and HDB for Temporary Uses

15 May 2017

Revised Guidelines for Temporary Workers' Dormitories within Industrial or Warehouse Developments

19 Sept 2016

New Online Portal for More Accessible Information

13 June 2016

Conversion of Surplus Car Parking in Commercial, Mixed Use and Hotel Developments within the Central Area

15 June 2016

Revisions to Planning (Use Classes) Rules

24 June 2016

Revised Criteria for Issue of Housing Developer's Sale Licence

01 Mar 2016

Differentiation between a Restaurant and a Bar

23 Dec 2015

Increase in Allowable Gross Floor Area Quantum Cap for Childcare Center Use in Place of Worship Developments

05 Nov 2015

Revised Locational Criteria for Serviced Apartments

05 Oct 2015

Revised GFA rules for Common Areas in Mixed Use Developments

05 Oct 2015

Planning Authorisation for Change of Use and Minor A&A Works for State Properties Rented out by SLA

01 July 2015

Envelope Control Guidelines for Landed Housing

11 Feb 2015

Revised Procedure for Development Applications Involving Lifting of Title Restrictions and Payment of Differential Premium (DP)

01 Jul 2013