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  Generic Competencies CPDs taught by Mdm Celeste Ng.

Let her transfer her knowledge and skills to you.   

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How to design a Tenancy Agreement to protect your client's interest (Private Residential )[Generic Competencies CPDNEW

Date: Online unlimited access for 24 hours  $55

Is the Tenancy Agreement (TA) that you are using outdated? How to improve or amend some of the clauses in it? Mdm Celeste Ng shall guide you step by step on how to address some of the common issues raised by the Landlord and the Tenant, and how to draft a TA that can help to reduce disputes between them. 

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Digital Contract For Real Estate Transactions  [Professional CPD P106S0360] NEW

Date: TBA (10am to 12:30pm) via Zoom $70

Learn how to create digital contracts and do it correctly so that they are enforceable in court. Understand what is excluded from the Electronic Transaction Act. Embrace technology to enhance productivity; to save time and cost. Get your device ready and let Mdm Celeste Ng guide you step by step on this. 

Implications of buying property under Trust  [Professional CPD P104S1047] NEW

Date: TBA (2pm to 5pm)  $70 

Understand how and why people buy properties under Trust. Learn the differences between express and implied Trust. Learn tax law related to properties under Trust. Understand the implications of properties bought under Trust so as to assist your clients to make informed decisions. Mdm Celeste Ng shares past court cases related to this topic.

7 Reasons Why Sales Don't Close  [Generic CPD]

Date: TBA (2pm to 5pm) via Zoom $70

You wonder why you have done all the marketing, do whatever you can, and yet can't close the deal? You are not the only one. Most Salespersons have the same experience. This course lets you discover the little things that one has done could make or break the deal.  

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Decoupling & Considerations that come with it [Generic CPD]

Date: TBA (Online)  $XX

Some Salespersons advise clients to 'decouple' their existing property so as to avoid paying ABSD for the subsequent purchase and get themselves into trouble for failing to highlight to the clients on the considerations that come with it. Attend this course to learn the details. 

Coming Soon
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Master Plan 2019  [Professional CPD P307S0797]

Date: TBA (2pm to 5pm) via Zoom $70

Learn how to use the information in the Master Plan to guide your clients on the potential growth areas; how to identify potential en-bloc/redevelopment; how to identify the possibility of change of use approval; to keep yourself updated on the new schemes for CBD areas under the 2019 Master Plan.  

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