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Steps to follow to become a Real Estate Salesperson:

  1. Complete RES Course with Hastor 

  2. Do the Practice Question Books

  3. One month before the exam, attempt the Online Revision Course

  4. Sign up the Refresher Course if you wish to attend the entire RES course again (unlimited access till you pass the exam up to 2 years whichever earlier)  

  5. The Refresher Course is helpful for those who were not taught by Mdm Celeste Ng; for those who wish to attend the entire RES course again and for those who need to retake the RES exam.  

  6. After you have passed the RES exam and have registered as a Salesperson with CEA, attend the CPD Courses every year in order to renew your registration with CEA. 

What is the difference between the Refresher Course and the Revision Course?

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