Please read the Terms below before accessing the FAQ

Who can access the FAQ?

FAQ is only for those who have bought the books directly from us recently and those who are taking the RES exam (NOT for Team Leaders and those who have passed the RES exam). Johan will WhatApp or SMS you the PW to access the FAQ after you have received the books.  Johan (9423 3551) will only reply to those who bought the books directly from us. 

How often do you change the PW?

As and when we want usually after every exam. You may get the new PW from Johan. He will check the status of your purchase before releasing the new PW to you. 

Is this FAQ for all editions?

No. This FAQ is only for Books printed from Jan 2021. Please discard the earlier prints. 

Where can I find the date of the print for my books?

The date of the print can be found on the first page of the book. It is advisable to purchase the latest print which includes questions on the latest changes to the policies, regulations, and laws DO NOT  use books printed before Jan 2021.  They are outdated. 

If my friend passes me the books, can I access the FAQ?

No. You are NOT authorized to access it. 

The government has just announced the new ABSD (Trust) in June 2022. is this change included in the books?

Yes, Mdm Celeste Ng has designed 4 new questions on this (L88, L95), L97, L135 & L137). Please do the amendments yourself by referring to the FAQ. Otherwise, do the purchase later this year in Aug to get the hard copy with these amendments.   

The government has announced an increase in the Property Tax during Budget 2022. Will there be any change to some of the questions?

Yes. We have updated the questions. Please refer to the FAQ

Are there some printing errors in the answers or questions?

Yes, our lawyer advises us to intentionally print some of the questions and answers wrongly to prevent people from copying our materials. Mdm Celeste Ng takes the effort and time to design questions for students to have more practice. It is unlawful for people to copy her work and not fair to people who have paid for the books. Only those who have bought the original from us are able to access the FAQ page. We keep records of all the purchases.  She constantly updates the FAQ. Refresh your browser to get the latest. 

When will the new edition 7 be out?

There will NOT be any new edition unless there are major changes to the RES syllabus. We update/improve some questions for every batch of print. Please refer to the FAQ.  

If I have queries regarding the questions in the books, what shall I do?

Check whether your questions are in the FAQ. The FAQ page has explanations for some difficult questions. If your question is not in the FAQ, that means no explanation is required. Please attend Mdm Celeste Ng's class or sign up for the RES online Refresher Course designed by her to let her teach you the legal principles, laws, and policies in depth.  She has no obligation to explain all questions in the books.

What are the things in the books? Are answers provided?

There are MCQ, fill-in-the-blank, and case study questions. Each book has more than 1000 questions for you to practice. The answers are printed at the back of the books. The workings and calculations can be found at the bottom of the answer sheet. 

Are these past year's exam questions?

Some are but they are not exactly the same word for word. Students are not allowed to bring out the exam paper, therefore all questions are designed, written, and created by Mdm Celeste Ng based on students' feedback on what has been tested in the exam. These books set the basic foundation and have helped many pass the exam. 

Can I pay cash and collect the book instantly?

Cash and Carry only at Hastor. Please check with Hastor directly on their stocks before heading down. 

Is there an online version?

No. the RES Exam is in Paper format. The books help to train students to read from paper and not on screen so as to train your brain to get used to reading from paper.


Mdm Celeste Ng is the first person who created the practice questions. Please inform us if you find other people copying her questions/materials. Whistleblowers' identities will be kept strictly confidential. It is illegal to violate Copyright Law. We do not want dishonest people to serve the real estate industry. If you are a good person, do report such illegal acts to us. 

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  2. PASSWORD (PW) is required. Only People who have bought the books directly from us will have the PW. You will receive the PW either via WhatsApp or SMS AFTER you have collected the books or AFTER they are delivered to you. For security reasons, we change the PW frequently. Please WhatsApp Johan at 94233551 for assistance. He will check the record of your purchase before releasing the PW to you.  

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