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What the students say


Mdm Celeste Ng makes us understand difficult law principles through lots of illustrations and real-life cases. Her lessons are interesting and entertaining. We have fun and enjoyed every lesson. She is capable of making a dry topic come alive.  

What the students say


Ken Tan, "RES exam is tough. I manage to pass under Celeste's teaching in 2015. She makes the lesson simple for me to understand. I have excelled in my real estate career and was featured in CEA's Newsletter as a role model. Thanks a million, Celeste. No other lecturer can teach like you."

What the students say


With more than 20 years of real estate experience and 10 years of training, Celeste is able to show us how to apply the knowledge to real life. She illustrates the subject matter with lots of examples and guides us in answering exam questions. We have learnt a lot from her. 

What the students say


Her style of teaching is unique. We have group discussions, role-play and case studies. We are always looking forward to attending her classes. They are never boring. She makes learning fun. 


RES Practice Question Books

Mdm Celeste Ng spent many sleepless nights designing questions to help us pass the exam. These two practice question books teach me how to apply what I have learned to the questions. And she bothers to create the FAQ to explain some difficult questions. Mdm Celeste Ng is the one who writes these questions. No one can explain better than her. Her explanations are clear, accurate, and updated. 

How to pass the exam


Celeste gives tips on how to study for the exam. Click <HERE> to learn from her and also to learn from other students who have passed the exam. 


I enjoyed Celeste's lectures and will not hesitate to recommend her class to others. Cheers.




Thanks for teaching us and sharing with us your experience which are invaluable to us.


It's my luck to have been taught by you. You are an inspiration.



Thanks for sharing with me your valuable knowledge and experience. Its been fun going for your classes. Looking forward to your other property lessons.



Hey Celeste, thank you for your guidance. I managed to pass both papers. And btw, your 2 books are really useful to me. It allows me to be familiarized with the types of questions they ask. 


Good morning Celeste, 

Just wish to drop you a line to thank you for going all the way out to help us. You're the most responsible lecturer I've ever come across. You're the BEST!


Thank you for your wonderful teaching and sharing your experience with us. I'm glad to have attended your class.



Managed to pass the RES exam in one try. A great thank you to the lecturers that taught me. Special mention to Mdm Celeste Ng, for her clear, direct and interesting teaching. She made the complicated concepts easy to understand and her notes are great!



The questions in your books are very similar to the exam papers. I am glad that I have purchased the 2 books. Questions may not be exactly the same as those in the exam but while doing these questions, it makes me read the government websites and understand the concepts better. Thank you for putting so much effort in helping us.   


My name is Wilson, a student from batch 214. Currently, burning my brain cells and cranking hard preparing for the upcoming RES exams. While looking through my hard copy notes and online notes from Celeste, myself and another classmate discovered the amount of effort and details she has put in to make this happen.


You may have known that students under Celeste have a high passing rate. But one thing you may not know is I have classmates from another school who is now students of Celeste say Celeste’s teaching is comprehensive and often very to the point. Many of my friends who graduated under her took their exams and passed in 1 sitting. Formerly, a student from XXX (another training center), whom we thought she wouldn’t pass – she threw away her old notes from XXX and passed her papers in 1 sitting under Celeste! Really, you would laugh when you look at XXX's notes.


Yes, cut to the chase, personally, as a former student of XXX who signed up only for Paper 1 finds her teaching style is often engaging and her notes are clear and concise. At the Revision Class held on the 10th Oct, I bumped into a classmate, Joycelyn, from XXX who is also a student of Celeste and chatted for a long time. We wasted 1 year in the wrong school! Many of our friends came from different industries and turned into a qualified Real Estate Salesperson under Celeste's coaching.

- WILSON LIM - RES Intake 214

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