Graduation Ceremony

Steps to follow for preparation of exam:

  • Read Mdm Celeste's Ng lecture slides at least 3 times and as you read, write your own notes in your own words. Make sure that you complete all the homework given to you in class. If you were not taught by her, and wish to have her lecture slides, you may consider signing up for the online Refresher Course

  • Do the Practice Question Books at least 3 times with understanding. It is not the answer that is important, it is 'why this is the answer' that is important. Exam questions are often not repeated. With understandings, you are able to pick the correct answer although the questions are different. Understanding is more important than memorising.

  • 1 month before the exam or after you have secured a seat in the exam, sign up the Online Revision Course to let Mdm Celeste Ng guide you how to pick the correct answers. She summarises the important facts and updates the contents after every exam to include the latest questions tested. The purpose of this Online Revision Course is to prepare students for the coming exam. 

  • If you still failed the exam, means that you have forgotten most of the study materials that were taught. At this stage, the online Refresher Course will help.


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