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Mdm Celeste Ng's unique ways of teaching make her lessons interesting and easy to understand. She has helped thousands of students pass the RES exam. Find out how to start here.

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RES Q&A Books

Book 1 for RES Paper 1

Book 2 for RES Paper 2

RES exams are getting tougher. Mdm Celeste Ng has designed these 2 RES Practice Q&A Books to help students better prepared for the exam. Each book comprises of more than 1000 practice questions with answers. Get the latest edition now. 

Mdm Celeste Ng

BSc Estate Management (NUS)

Certificate in Law of Conveyancing

Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) with IAL. 

She has been teaching real estate courses since 2004. Many of her students are now successful real estate professionals. She is currently teaching the RES course at Hastor

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